The NEW MEDICINE is a comprehension of the biological programs running inside the body, which have formerly been called “diseases”, based on biological laws of nature.

Due to the NEW MEDICINE it is now possible to understand, why we become “ill”, what happens in our body during this processes and, above all, that we don’t need to be afraid of them, whether they are called “cancer” or with other names.

This book for the first time clearly understandable for everyone explains the basics and principles of the NEW MEDICINE compactly and comprehensibly, so that even persons without medical education are able to understand, validate and use the NEW MEDICINE.

The underlying principles of the NEW MEDICINE are well-known to the medical establishment for over 30 years, but with their acknowledgement the medical and pharmaceutical system would become redundant. This is the reason, why the NEW MEDICINE is being hushed up and suppressed since its discovery, because you can’t make money out of mature patients, who don’t need chemo therapy, unnecessary surgical operations and expensive pills.